Thursday 26th May 2016

New Dance and Music performance
At 24 hr Tesco, Cuckoo Bridge,
Dumfries DG2 9BF


Suitable for all ages FREE
Four 5 minute performances of Trolley
5.50pm   6.10pm   6.30pm   6.50pm

Sarah Jackets has created an extraordinary new dance called Trolley.

Two dancers Sara Lockwood and Mary Mitchell glide stocking feet and stack their bodies. Silver full length costumes reflect their surroundings and a sequence of gym like movements repeat in a circuit in and out of time.

Improvised music from Luke Barlow on alto sax and Al Collins on double bass provides a metronomic rainbow of sound within a supermarket setting.

A humorous surprising intervention, questions and reflects our daily lives. We watch, trolleys paused, to the surreality of the dance and listen intently to the vibrant sound. An experience not to be forgotten.

Trolley simultaneously interrogates and celebrates our rigid repetitive engagement with the supermarket environment, exploring the dehumanised absurdity of the hyperreal shopping experience. The delightful and unexpected encourages people to engage with and witness something new.

Part of Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival 
Supported by DG Unlimited