Life Support

We are currently developing a series of new works under the title of Life Support, where we are exploring ideas within complex adaptive systems and artificial ecosystems used to generate and maintain life.


The first of these is called Daisy World.

Daisyworld is an exploration of  complex adaptive systems, self regulating and self organising systems and will be created using an architectural projection device we call the o machine.

The o machine is built as cube of twelve independent six metre high towers. This cube is a three dimensional projection screen and for Daisyworld will be used for four autonomous ‘intelligent’ projectors (brains). 

Each brain is able to see and respond to it’s own area of projection and each has the same ultimate (but essentially selfish) aim. The projectors create waves of lights that ripple from the corners of the o machine, each interacting with the other projections. The aim of each brain is to maintain equilibrium. Our aim is to create emergence. 

Daisyworld references Lovelock’s hypothetical world conceived to demonstrate that feedback mechanisms can evolve from the actions or activities of self-interested organisms. The o machine takes it’s name from Turing’s first conceptual computer and began life as part of a project with groundUP in Burnley which looked at ideas to create sustainable regenerative design where we worked to create a piece that would explore complex adaptive systems.

Working on the Stoops Estate we installed the prototype omachine at the recreation ground on 1st Feb 2014 for a short event. The installation was hit by a sever storm and the complex technical set up was damaged. However we did prove the concept and a short video from that event is available here.