Installation at Cardoness 

Liminal at Cardoness was an exploration of the temporary nature of the land between the tides, a transitory space permanently caught in a state of change, it’s disorientating and relentless. Our intention is to explore the ambiguous nature of a place at once transforming, suspended, unstable and absolute.”

Installed at the half way point of the tide, 500m out onto the Solway mudflats the video work ran for 1 hour before the tide returned.

Sid Ambrose who is part of the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival programming group explained why he commissioned the piece, “The Galloway coastline is a 200 mile ribbon of terrain which is neither sea nor land. It’s an extraordinary place of isthmi, skerries, spits, caves, berms, estuaries, dunes and lagoons.  I wanted to engage artists to question this place and to make work that reveals something of its essence.”

Liminal has been commissioned and funded by DG Arts Festival and with support from Making the Most of the Coast.

photo courtesy Sharon Halliday

video documentation Rob McDougall and David Moses