Wormhole to Venice

Live 360 holographic video conversation with NetPol in La Corderie L'Arsenale at the Venice Architecture Biennale from the bothy.

Networked Politics

How cultures of decision-making have radically evolved in the age of the network.

Speakers: Pablo Calderon Salazar, Marco Ferrari, César Reyes, Parasite 2.0, Silvio Lorusso, Helson & Jackets
Movements such as Occupy, the Indignados, the Arab Spring, and the Ferguson riots have rendered visible a deep change in the very idea of public space and how it has been expanded by means of technology and its immaterial bounds. Actions that could once be suppressed or ignored, in the spirit of the “silent majority”, can now be compounded, amplified, and echoed exponentially in both physical and digital space, with distant observers and commentators acting as both part of the fabric of public demonstration and the hinge upon which it may succeed or fail. But how does architecture face this new and at times uncontrollable potentiality? In a society where representation is no longer based only on physicality, what happens to architecture and how should it respond? How is architectural practice mutating amidst these external pressures and continual changes?
In this event the algorithmic publishing device was coupled with live connection to the holographic video art work help me obi by the Scotland-based artists Helson & Jackets.

Remote collaboration with dpr-barcelona MAIO, and Space Caviar