Helson and Jackets

Artists Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets, make machines, sculptures, films and technology, our recent work explores the nature of life particularly in terms of complex adaptive systems and emergence.

Life Support

Life Support explores self regulating complex systems and artificial ecosystems used to generate and maintain life.

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help me obi

We recently won an alt-w New Media Scotland award for help me obi, and Inventor of the Year 2019, Scottish EDGE and SMART Scotland awards for the technology they developed to achieve it.

Referencing Princess Leia’s iconic appearance in Star Wars as a 3d moving holographic message, help me obi is an investigation of remote relationships, intimacy and dislocation.

io 360 Volumetric projection display 


With great power comes great responsibility

A dance work by Sarah Jackets in collaboration with dancer Mary Mitchell accompanied by Al Collins on double bass. This sculptural dance work explores, through the re-arrangement of dead superheroes, ideas of expanded space, power and iconography, where our relationship to one another through time is thrown into question..


Dance and Music performance

Sarah Jackets created an extraordinary new dance called Trolley at 24 hr Tesco, Cuckoo Bridge.

Part of Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival 
Supported by DG Unlimited 

Venice Biennale

Venice Architecture Biennale, Corderie of the Arsenale.

As part of our project help me obi we made a live remote 360 holographic video call to NetPol at the Venice Architecture Biennale from an isolated bothy in Scotland.

Remote collaboration with Space Caviar, Folder,